Renting and letting accommodation in Leicester

Renting and Letting Accommodation in Leicester is most likely to be in apartments / flats and there are plenty of new developments to choose from. Most important factor is your budget, before rental search you must know how much you cost want to pay for your rental property. Everyone should have the opportunity to rent or buy a decent home at a price they can afford, in a place where they want to live and work.

We offer a large and diverse selection of rental properties including single family homes and houses for rent, apartments, condos, townhomes, vacation rentals, flats and a variety of other rentals property services at very competitive prices across the city. If you are relocating or planning to stay for a long time to the area or simply unsure of local amenities our letting team offer extensive knowledge of the areas and will work with you to map out your requirements

We have a wide range of accommodation to suit every individual need as we specialize in student and professional accommodation. Our accommodation has been upgraded to a very high standard which includes broadband internet, surround sound cable TV as well as all the facilities you can expect. Many of our flats are in City Centre area near all bars, cafes and shopping amenities. All of our properties are a stones throw away from the city's bus depot where you will have easy access to all bus departures/arrivals, Leicester Train Station and are a walking distance to both of the university's in Leicester; thus making them prime locations in Leicester.

We offer special services through our website. This site provides practical information and guidance on issues facing UK landlords, letting agents and prospective property investors. This is the only site you will need to find quality property to rent or houses to let and rental properties.

We provide renting and letting accommodation in Leicester as quickly as you want without the hassle of estate agent. We provide a quick, easy, reliable and hassle free service. We are proud to be UK based and to offer great customer service. During office hours we are always at the end of a phone (0000 000 0000) if you need any help using the website and can be contacted by email 24/7.