Rent in Leicester

Leicester is an exciting place to live, if you are moving here for the first time, living in rented accommodation is a great place to meet people, housemates often become good friends. We understand your needs whether you are visiting Leicester for business purpose or education. We offer a large and diverse selection of rental properties including student accommodation, business lets, renting apartments, flats and other property services in Leicester at very competitive prices across the city. The prices vary depending on the size of the property and the location but the standard of properties is high in Leicester and prices are reasonable. The costs of apartment rentals are inversely related to the distance from the center of the town, and there is also a big difference between large and small towns.

We offer one, two and three bedroom designer appointed apartments fully furnished for rental. These excellent apartments are of a genuinely high standard. Services are comparable to any high class apartment hotel. All of our rental apartments/ flats are close to public transport, shops and numerous places for entertainment including traditional pubs modern bars and restaurants.

We also provide a ‘link’ through the website so that you can see actual pictures of properties in a similar way to the property portals. This is a great way to cover the ground really quickly when you are making your initial property enquiries in an area. We feel our site has been developed to be as user friendly as possible. Most property hunters are now using the Internet as a great way of seeing what properties are available from the comfort of their own home or even the office.

If you are relocating or planning to stay for a long time to the area or simply unsure of local amenities our letting team offer extensive knowledge of the areas and will work with you to map out your requirements. We provide renting and letting accommodation in Leicester as quickly as you want without the hassle of estate agent. We provide a quick, easy, reliable and hassle free service.

Our Company gives the apartment seeker an opportunity to choose their next loft, townhouse, efficiency, house, duplex or apartment for rent. We serve as an additional resource for choosing your next apartment for rent.